Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Modeliser Teaser 2

Here's another sexy snippet from The Modeliser. Don't forget to head on over to Goodreads to add The Modeliser to your shelf and like my page on Facebook as I'll be giving away an advance review copy of The Modeliser when I hit 100 likes.

"Alex stared at the coltish blonde, watching the desire in her eyes grow. 
“It’s not everyday…” she pouted and then stopped biting her lip nervously. He decided to take pity on her. 
“It’s not every day...," he questioned lightly watching as a flush of colour flooded her cheeks. Their eyes connected in a shock of electricity. The girl took a deep breath and expelled it. 
“It’s not every day that you walk into the man who stars in all your sexual fantasies.” She might not be an innocent but there was a nervous naivety about her that Alex liked. She didn’t do this everyday and the last words had been whispered out in a rush of embarrassment. Her face was red, as though saying the words had over-exerted her. She watched him with a mixture of hope and fear and defiance and Alex suddenly wanted very much to see how badly she wanted to play. He rose abruptly and she backed away like a skittish horse but his arm shot out to pull her back towards him. 
“Let’s get out of here,” he said. “We’ll see about turning some of those fantasies into reality.” She swayed close to him as though waiting for a kiss, perhaps to seal the deal. Alex stared at her pink lips for a moment and then he turned his back on her, hearing the sigh of frustration on her lips, knowing that she fell into step behind him. She’d get what she wanted and more besides, but only when he was ready."

Things are heating up!
Let me know if you want more...


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