Friday, 26 April 2013

Bad Boys, Inspiration & a Giveaway.

Creating Alex Golden, the legendary bad boy of The Modeliser was a lot of fun and whilst I put a lot of thought and imagination into creating a gorgeous hero - a British actor who has managed to take Hollywood and the ladies by storm. It's safe to say that along the way I found time to peruse the internet for some inspiration. Or do I mean Sinspiration? 

Check out a few of the images that inspired me (there are a whole lot more!) And yes I love my job and I'm totally Team Eric, most of the time...

Leading Man


Off Duty and reading some scripts

There's just something about Bad Boys in film, TV, fiction, music and even in real life that holds women in their thrall, even when we should know better! In fiction, we've seen a massive rise of bad boys with a side of angst, vulnerability and a few spare Billions. And, From James Dean and Marlon Brando, Hollywood bad boys of yesteryear to today's crop of dangerous-to-know leading men the trend is still alive and well. On TV we have Don Draper in Mad Men, The King Slayer in Game of Thrones and who isn't partial to a bit of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl? 

In The Modeliser, I drew inspiration from Hollywood bad boys both historical and contemporary in creating Alex Golden's character, so for my first giveaway I'm asking who is your favourite Hollywood Bad Boy? 

I'll be giving away 2 Advance Review Copies (PDF) of The Modeliser on May 4th and I'll pick the winners at random.

To enter this giveaway simply head on over to my Facebook Page, Like my page AND write on my wall to tell me who your favourite Hollywood Bad Boy is. 

Or you can comment below this post or you can Tweet me your answer and Hash Tag your answer #TheModeliserGiveaway. 

I'll pick two winners at random on May 4th so get entering!  

Look forward to your entries!


Also don't forget when I hit 100 likes on my Facebook Page, I'll be giving away another advance review copy of The Modeliser


  1. My favorite Hollywood bad boy would have to be Jonathan Rhys Myers. THOSE EYES. *drools* Jude Law is a close second, though I'm concerned he'd be like waaay too skinny in person.

  2. Good choices. I saw Jude Law in person a couple of years ago. He was slim but not skinny and model good-looking, even more so than on screen! And oh the charisma, seriously off the scale.