Thursday, 4 April 2013

Decisions, Decisions.

Happy Thursday Guys!

Hopefully you've got a fun and productive day ahead. And, if you're really lucky you are having a sunnier day than it is in grey London today.

For some crazy reason, I've agreed to do a 10km run with a bunch of my girlfriends next month and so yesterday saw me lacing up my sneakers and hitting the park for a run. I'm what the Nike website calls a "slow and steady" runner, which is to say every step feels a little bit like a descent into hell. And yet yesterday as I took my training programme up a notch and ran 5km that's just over 3 miles, for once I wasn't thinking about my screaming calves, burning knees or stinging thighs. I wasn't wondering if my lungs were about to explode. I wasn't plotting out my next novel, which is how I usually get through my runs. I wasn't even singing along to the Justin Timberlake album that I'd downloaded especially for my run. Nope. I was smiling to myself while I mentally ran through the cover art that I've been picking for my novel. Yes! I've been working with an artist and picking images, fonts... It's a BIG decision picking the cover of a book that I had sooooo much fun writing.

I should have the cover for you very soon. And then I can unleash the title and cover to you all at once. Let's just say the cover will be as scandalous as the novel!

Are you excited? I am.... Can't wait for the big reveal.

Stay tuned. And next time I might just let you in on the title...

Havana. xx

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