Monday, 19 August 2013

Sizzlin' Summer Sale

Here's a little summer special for you guys.
The Modeliser is on sale for 99 cents along with a host of other fabulous summer romances.

Head to Amazon and check them out!

TitleHis Wicked Games
Author: Ember Casey
Genre: Erotic Romance
Buy it on Amazon
Description: Trapped with a billionaire in his mysterious mansion...can she beat him at his own game? Lily would do anything to save her father's struggling arts center—even indulge the strange sexual whims of the brooding Calder Cunningham. A contemporary, steamy take on Beauty and the Beast.

Title: Detect Me
Author: Selma Wolfe
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Buy it on Amazon

Description: Detective Mark Harrison has never needed an assistant before. But when artist Nikki Reed walks into his office by accident, there's a spark between them that neither can deny. They have to be careful, though... every detective has a past, and the secrets in Mark's could prove deadly to both of them.

Title: April Showers

Author: Karli Perrin
Genre: New Adult
Description: What happens when your head and your heart pull you in completely opposite directions? April Adams is about to find out the hard way. Join April as she embarks on a life changing journey of love and loss, which will have you laughing and crying until the very end.

Title: Precious Things
Author: Stephanie Parent
Genre: New Adult
Description: When financial problems force Isabelle Andrews to abandon her dreams of attending a top-tier university in favor of community college, she thinks her educational career is over before it’s begun.  But unexpected new experiences and relationships--including her growing attraction to a certain TA--help Isabelle learn that sometimes, the most precious things are found in the last places you’d think to look.

Title: The Modeliser
Author: Havana Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Description: When Hollywood bad-boy and legendary womanizer Alex Golden’s beloved grandfather dies, he returns to London and is thrown into the path of the women from his past. Alex’s fate is caught up with three women as ambition, lust and love collide against the drama-fuelled backdrop of the film world and it seems the modeliser has finally met his match.

Author: Eva Morgan
Genre: New Adult
Buy it on Amazon
DescriptionWhen college transfer May accepts a bet to get the school’s top competitive swimmer and resident loner Sebastian Crane to open up, she never expects to be so drawn into his life and heart - despite his iciness, and despite his millionaire father’s determination to keep him isolated.

Title: Kiss it Better
Author: Linda Kage
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Description: Reed has loved Sophia for years; Too bad once he finally gains her attention, all she wants to do is pull the skeletons from his closet

Title: Exposure
Author: Iris Blaire
Genre: New Adult Romance
Description: Erotic model by day, biochemistry student by night. Evan Cosette's secret career is keeping her tuition paid and putting enough money in her account for grad school. Will her new sexy coworker make her famous, or ruin it all?

Title: V Club
Author: Lexi Dubois
Genre: Erotic Romance
Kristen has spent countless nights in V Clubs across the globe searching for her maker and true love, Jake.  Every fiber of her being longs to feel his touch again.  Will tonight be the night she gets her wish, or will someone else take his place in her immortal heart?
Title: The Immortality Clause (The Immortelle #1)
Author: Abigail Hawk
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Description: For as long as Claudia could remember, she knew that there was something wrong with our world. The facts just didn’t add up. For a young law graduate in search of the truth, it was not just a job, it was a means to find out more. Who are the mysterious Immortelle? What are they? And what is their interest in her family?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sunshine in London. Fuggedaboutit.

Sunshine in London.

Even saying it aloud "Sunshine In London" sounds wrong, like a disaster movie in which some rogue asteroid is about to wipe us all out. I read somewhere recently that up to 40% of Londoners might be Vitamin D deficient. That's right 40%!!! The lack of sunshine on this small island is a serious issue and for people of colour whose natural melanin protection makes it even harder for the sun to penetrate it.... well it's no joke. Therefore, the fact that it has been sunny in London for 3 STRAIGHT DAYS feels like a miracle. And what with Andy Murray becoming the first British male to win the Wimbledon singles title in 77 years*, it's been a great excuse to head to the park with a good book and bask in the great weather and good temper.

I decided to emulate those Kindle ads and take my Kindle to the sunny park full of a host of new books that I one clicked. (Funnily enough those Kindle ads never show people soaked with rain or squeezed into someone's armpit on a crowded tube train while trying to read).

My latest purchases are:

  • Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld. I finished this really quickly. I love Sittenfeld's writing and was totally engrossed by this book for the first three quarters and then the ending really lost me, as in went from a 4, maybe 4.5 to maybe a 3. I'm a bit heartbroken by the disappointing ending, which I found totally unrewarding and unconvincing. 
  • The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
  • North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell 
  • Lost and Found by Tom Winter

I still have to finish:

  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I'm enjoying dipping in and out of this. 

Trying a sample of:

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach
What are you guys reading? 


*Though the media coverage in the UK might have chosen to forget about them, there have been other British winners at Wimbledon in the last 77 years. Dreadfully overlooked is Virginia Wade who won the women's singles title in 1977. In addition Laura Robson was a Wimbledon Juniors champion. And Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovich won the mixed doubles in 2007. There are probably others but apparently the lazy media can't even be bothered to search wiki...  Also fairly hideous has been the lazy and mean spirited comments about the awesome, inspiring athlete Marion Bartoli.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Modeliser - Prologue and First Chapter Reveal

From The Beginning...

I've shared several teasers from The Modeliser, which you can find: here and here and here and also thanks to the lovely Ember Casey Also here.

You can still check out all of those teasers but I thought I'd keep it simple and just share with you the beginning of The Modeliser. So here's the prologue and first chapter. I hope you enjoy it and it makes you want to read more.

For Download details, click WHERE TO DOWNLOAD

Happy Reading!!


On the night, aged 26, that he was catapulted from obscurity, from jobbing theatre actor and TV bit part player to Oscar winner, Alex Golden looked out at the great and good of Hollywood, he stared beyond the flashing lights and cameras at the legends of the silver screen, he imagined the millions, perhaps billions watching the telecast of the ceremony and the words of his Grandfather came to mind.

“Son,” he’d once counselled Alex, “the thing about peaking too soon, is the certain knowledge that the only place to go is down.”

Alex shrugged off the pessimistic thought and loped towards the podium in a long, easy stride, oozing the confidence and charisma that would go on to make him a household name.

“Thank You,” he said in that husky voice that would make him the favourite of women, gays and schoolgirls the world over.

Later, it wouldn’t be the words that he’d uttered on that stage that were remembered, instead it would be those piercing blue eyes, framed by thick, dark lashes, the English accent that added gravitas, the easy smile that showed that he didn’t take himself too seriously. In short Alex Golden’s acceptance speech: witty, assured, relaxed announced him as Hollywood’s newest star.

“We are back live in 15 seconds. Camera One - ready. Presenters - Best Adapted Screenplay to the stage. Live in 10, 9, 8…” As the award show’s director barked out instructions, Alex walked backstage in a daze as a whirlwind of activity spun around him. Immediately, he spotted a woman in a striking crimson dress watching him from across the chaos of the green room. His palm was warm against the surprisingly heavy gold statuette and though outwardly composed, inside he was in a state of shock, drinking in the sight of Streep and Nicholson as they swept by him onto the stage to present the next award. Alex’s eyes were once again drawn to the woman who was watching him. In the sea of famous faces and celebrities, producers, PRs and hanger-ons, somehow this woman, in her red dress, held his attention.

She pushed forward, coming to stand in front of him, her right hand already held out. Close up, Alex saw that she was older than he’d initially thought. Yet for a woman who must be in her forties, the body was still killer. His eyes ate her up, skimming from the large breasts, which oozed over the top of the corseted red dress, to the slim waist and then the flare of generous hips. His gaze moved back up to her eyes and with a start Alex saw that the woman’s eyes were narrowed, with a hint of knowing amusement. This wasn’t the usual response that he got from women. He switched the gold statuette to his left hand and gave her a firm handshake. He was sure that he didn’t know this woman, but in the three weeks of meetings, junkets and publicity since he had landed in LA, he’d learned that people did this here, that sometimes for no reason at all, they’d stop to talk to you, that somehow, everybody, just everybody was in the business and wanted to know about his “little English movie.”

Before he could say anything, the woman spoke, her hand still grasping his in a surprisingly firm grip. Her words were brisk and precise, almost like orders being barked out, in the kind of no-nonsense New York drawl that brooked no disagreement.

“My name is Avital Silver. And I’m going to make you a superstar.”



The shot was worth a million bucks.

Any paparazzo worth his salt would kill to capture the image of movie star Alex Golden, Hollywood’s legendary Modeliser, sprawled almost naked but for a pair of Gucci board shorts that hung low down on his hips, revealing a perfectly smooth chest and tanned, ripped, Hollywood perfected abs. Next to him lay a woman whose triple threat of lips, breasts and legs had made grown men weep, and more besides. Alex reclined on a sun bed, as he stared out on the startling Azure blue sea at the exclusive resort on the Mexican coastline. In the distance came whoops and squeals of a group of people on powerful jet skis as they skimmed across the horizon, shooting plumes of water in the air behind them. Just watching them made Alex feel tired and he pushed his sunglasses down on his face.

“Christ my head is pounding,” he muttered the words with a small groan but was met with silence. He turned with a lazy glance, reaching out to touch the woman next to him. His hand skimmed her flat abdomen, before falling away. They hadn’t stayed long at the film premiere after-party the night before. Just long enough for Alex to be photographed next to his ambitious young co-star, model turned actress Tyler Link, and of course long enough for him to be nursing a hangover as a result of too much Vintage Perrier Jouet champagne, which had been free-flowing at the VIP After-Party. For a moment Alex was filled with a beat of nostalgia, you’re getting old a voice in his head taunted him. Shaking the thought away, Alex rose to his feet, turning to stand over the sun lounger next to his.

“You’re blocking my sunlight.” Isabella finally spoke, pouting sulkily and yet so prettily as the words whispered out of her pink and improbably plump lips. Alex watched her for a moment. Most of her face was obscured by the large brim of a white Dior sunhat but what was visible of her was still incredible. Still recognisable as the face and body of Isabella Murada, one of the world’s highest paid supermodels. She and Alex shared a publicist, who had introduced them at some charity benefit in Los Angeles. Alex had only just ended another headline-grabbing fling with a swimwear model and the timing had been good. That same night he’d taken Isabella back to his suite at Chateau Marmont and they’d been together the last five months, which by his usual standards, was practically an eternity. He continued to stare down at Isabella knowing that she would soon snap. A devoted sun worshipper, Isabella hated the possibility of tanning unevenly. He stared at her lips, which were thrust forward sulkily and his eyes drifted lower to the unselfconscious way that she tanned topless. He leaned down to stroke a finger across her nipple.

“Come into the water,” he asked softly. Her breasts were large, gorgeous and fake, of course, but still with enough softness and movement in them to fool the untutored observer. He, however, was an expert. How could he not be, after ten years of fucking models and starlets?

It had started quite by accident this reputation of his, but slowly it had transformed into an unshakeable part of his reputation. Sure, there was the occasional actress thrown into the mix, the odd solo singer and famously once, a pair of burlesque performing twins but for the most part, Alex Golden lived up to his reputation as The Modeliser.

He pressed a kiss to Isabella’s breasts and then stretched to his full 6ft and 4 inches. “Come in to the water,” he asked again.

“No.” Isabella snapped back.

Mostly Alex liked the rough Portuguese twang in her Brazilian accented English, but some days like today, the harsh sounds grated. “You’re not still angry?” He gritted his teeth. Isabella could carry a grudge and her silent treatments had been known to last for days.  With a sigh he banked down his building irritation with her. “Isabella,” he cajoled softly. 

“You embarrass me at the premiere, laughing and joking for the cameras with that, that… model.” Her words were hissed out of pursed lips and Alex fought to hide his disinterest, which was laced too with some amusement. The contempt with which she spat the word model, might lead anyone to think that she wasn’t one herself.

“Tyler is my co-star, I didn’t have much choice.” Alex sighed as Isabella folded her arms beneath her breasts and turned her head away so that all that he could see was her jaw and the perfect, unblemished profile that had fronted countless cosmetic campaigns and adorned billboards in Milan, Paris, New York and London. “Fine,” he said and with a shrug he turned and walked towards the pool and dived in with a clean, perfect arc that caused barely a ripple.

After pounding the length of the pool for several long minutes; as much to escape the heat of Isabella’s building temper as to cool down, Alex levered himself out of the pool and again looked towards the sea. She was no longer in her sun lounger. Grabbing his towel, he dried his hair roughly, even as the hot sun rapidly dried his skin, till only a few droplets kissed his muscular shoulders. A little way from the house, he spotted a movement and grimaced watching as the blistering sun, flashed and reflected against something hidden behind the bushes. It was a tell which Alex had grown familiar with these last ten years; the paparazzi had found them.

The ever-present paparazzi who knew his itinerary even before he did, who skulked around for scandal, which more often than not he provided for them and their vast hoards of gossip-hungry readers. Alex continued to dry his hair and with the trademark cool that had made him a star, he dropped his towel, stretching his arms high above his head, uncaring of his near nakedness and the telescopic lenses trained on him and then slowly he padded barefoot towards the house.

For the first time in the last few weeks, Alex felt the tension drain away from him; his feet warmed by the terracotta of the stone brick floors, which baked in the sun as he moved into the house. Though Avital, his agent, hid it well, he had sensed her tension, had known that she and the studios were closely watching his latest film. He was no brainless himbo, he too had noted that though they were still hitting number one, his films weren’t doing what they used to at the Box Office. He knew without anyone telling him that Deadlock had to reach number one and stay there.

As he padded around the villa, there was still no sign of Isabella and he was not inclined to go and find her. Now, with a clearer head, he looked around the opulent open plan living room. Their stay here had come courtesy of millionaire producer and Hollywood royalty, Milo Levy. The paintings that last night he and Isabella had brushed past without even a glance were in the light of day revealed to be Picasso sketches and vibrant Modigliani nudes that wouldn’t be out of place in some national gallery somewhere. Alex smiled and slumped down onto a white chaise lounge in the living room, fumbling around for the TV remote, which he used to flick on the massive plasma screen TV that was mounted on a wall. For a couple of minutes, he channel surfed without interest, finally tossing aside the remote as he spotted his Mulberry overnight bag where he had carelessly dumped it the night before. He reached into it pulling out a platinum Vertu mobile phone. He had several missed calls, most of which he wouldn’t return. The last name on the list was his sister’s and he clicked on it, feeling a twinge of guilt. He’d missed several telephone calls from her in the last few days and with the crazy schedule of promotion in the lead up to the film’s release, he’d not had a chance to call her back. Leaning back into the sofa, he prepared to return his sister’s call when something on the television caught his attention. It was an image of himself.

Not that this was an unusual occurrence but curious in spite of himself, Alex threw aside his phone and flicked the volume up with the television remote. Now he spotted that the TV was on Z News, a Hollywood celebrity news channel, which seemed inescapable wherever one was in the world. The presenter was in full flow.

“And Hollywood buzz is saying the Alex Golden is out and Max Maguire is in for the big budget adventure trilogy Defender, we’ll have more on this breaking story as it comes in.” For a moment Alex was frozen as the photograph of Max Maguire flicked off the screen to be replaced by another image as the presenter moved on. He flicked the TV back to silent, noting in a beat that the tension in his neck was back.

Alex had never been especially competitive, but Max Maguire infuriated him as few others could. Somehow he seemed determined to cast himself as “The New Alex Golden” and in recent months they had butted heads and wound up in talks for the same roles. Not that he needed to compete for scripts but something about Max unsettled him, not least that he was five years younger than him. Alex had been determined to land the title role in Defender, a trilogy of films from Australian director Cole Sidney that seemed likely to do for sci-fi, what Lord of the Rings had done for fantasy. The buzz was immense and he had assumed, after a chat with the director that the arrival of an offer was a mere formality. The azure blue of the sea that had been so calming now had little effect on him, all he could feel was the onset of a pounding headache. He would have to call Avital.

He pushed himself off the sofa, just as Isabella emerged from the bedroom, now naked beneath a sheer silk wrap.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she pouted at him, this time with a hint of the mischievous smile that made men go weak. Alex grimaced; he hadn’t time for Isabella, not now. He turned his back on her, reaching for his mobile phone.

“I have to call Avital.” He scrolled through his contacts list, even as he could hear the faint slap of Isabella’s bare feet against the floor as she moved towards him. As he was about to connect the call, he felt a whisper of silk, followed by her naked breasts, pressed against his back.

“Do you have to?” She asked. Though it wasn’t really a question. She’d already traced her cool hands around his narrow waist and up his chest, to his arm before gently squeezing his bicep. She took the phone out of his hand and threw it onto the sofa, where it landed silently on the thick pile of cushions. Then, she snaked her arm around his waist again and pulled him around to face her. Isabella pressed herself against him, pinning him to the cabinet behind them. Her tongue flicked out to lick her bee-stung lips and Alex followed the movement with a hungry look, already diverted from his plan; Avital could wait.  She leaned in and teased his lips with her tongue and then, in that way that she did, she kissed him, hard. He’d always been struck by the forceful, almost masculine single-mindedness that Isabella brought to sex; how she always made sure to take her pleasure first. But tonight it seemed her earlier bad mood was forgotten and it was all about him. She kissed him again, her tongue fighting with his, biting his lower lip roughly and then she leaned down to lick his nipple, before slowly sinking to her knees. Freeing him from his swimming shorts, she made a deep appreciative noise in her throat as she gripped him tight before slowly starting to stroke her hand up and down. As she bent to kiss the tip, she looked up and winked at him and Alex gave a short, breathless bark of laughter.

Isabella Murada on her knees with his cock in her mouth; that truly was a million dollar shot. And movie star or not, Alex was still man enough to appreciate it.

Later, as they lay in the massive bed on 750-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, the windows thrown open so that the silvery white light of the full moon flickered into the room, Alex watched Isabella sleep, as she always did, naked on her back. One arm was flung over her head and the other rested low on her abdomen. Even in sleep she looked ready for sex. He would miss her, he thought. Isabella was a smart girl and in a town defined by transactional relationships, where everyone used everyone, Alex understood her desire to be with him. She had left a Spanish millionaire for him and though the sex was good, great even, Alex wasn’t so arrogant as to think that was the full story. Isabella was 28, in model years practically middle-aged. She was a woman looking for her next step, she wanted to make the crossover from model to actress and she’d decided that he was her ticket there. He hadn’t minded really but somehow this afternoon, he’d realised that he was bored, that he needed something new, some new challenge. He needed to shake things up and as every model that had gone before Isabella had learned, when Alex moved on, he was gone. The shift was brutal and immediate and Alex had perfected a principle of never going back and never looking back. He never hooked up with his exes, never re-visited fields that he had already ploughed. There’d be a gift, one phone call; the mark of the English gentleman that he was, but when it was over, it was over. Isabella must have sensed his boredom.

“You and me, we’re good together,” she had reminded him earlier, as she had sat astride him, still panting. And Alex had smiled. But once they were back in LA he knew they’d be over. He’d made a life of loving and leaving women. There was no reason to change his ways now.

The Modeliser Trailer - Premiere

Last week I blogged about our little trailer shoot and watching director Allana E. Blake at work. Alas the budget didn't quite swing to a red carpet event for all you guys who have been so supportive of the book so far but here it is - the grand premiere of The Modeliser trailer.

I had a lot of fun on our shoot and it was great to work with such nice, cool people.

What do you think?



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Behind The Scenes

I've been knocked out with hayfever over the last few days, which is why it's taken me so long to post about the exciting trailer shoot that I had for The Modeliser last week.

After a few weeks of planning alongside amazing trailer director Allana E. Blake, we finally had a DP (Director of Photography) on board in the form of super talented Ness Whyte, a 6-packed model, an awesome actress, a studio and a schedule. But as anyone who has ever worked in production before will tell you, you should always prepare for the unexpected and there's always so much to think about - weather issues, sound recording, lighting.... we had a multitude of things to keep on top of and yet miraculously all the planning came together.

On a drizzly London morning we finally got into the studio and I saw the team work their magic and call Action! Having worked so long on writing The Modeliser, it's been amazing flexing different brain muscles and coming up with a simple concept for the trailer alongside the director and DP was a lot of fun as was my day on set. I have to thank all the amazing folks who gave their time so generously for my mega almost no-budget shoot.

I can't wait to premiere the trailer to you guys next week but till then, here are some sneak peek photos from behind the scenes at the shoot.

Readying the Set.



Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Modeliser - Visual Inspiration

So excited by the 4 and 5* reviews over on And in particular by the fact that several reviews commented that the book felt like a movie to them.  Since my day job involves working in the film and TV industry this makes sense and I'm really glad that the pace and visual ambitions that I had for the book are coming across. During the writing of the book I created a visual mood board to keep me going.

So I'd love to share with you my Pinterest board for The Modeliser. Check it out HERE. What do you think? What images would you add? If you've already finished the book, why don't you do your own Modeliser board and share it with me?



Friday, 31 May 2013

Happy Release Day to Me!!!!

June 1st is finally here!!!! No more sleeps. The Modeliser is Out Now. 

Well, it has been out for a couple of days as spotted by some of you eagle eyed readers but now it's officially dropped and we can all shout from the rooftops about it, maybe? 

Thanks to all the readers, bloggers and reviewers who have reached out already. I'm hoping to get the book out there as far and wide as possible, so a big thanks to those who've already added it on Goodreads or bought, read and reviewed it. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're a reviewer or blogger interested in the book. 

You can still read the teasers from the book in my earlier blog posts. Or head over to Goodreads and see what other readers are saying. 

In my WHERE TO DOWNLOAD link, you can find out where to get your hands on The Modeliser. 

Big thanks for checking out this blog and hopefully this book.

I'm off to get myself a tall cocktail. Happy Saturday. 


Advance Review of The Modeliser

With a day to go till the official release date for The Modeliser, I'm so excited by this review of the book from the lovely ladies at Brittany & Bianca Blab Books. Transitioning, from a reader who visits and reads awesome book blogs to discover great new reads, into someone who is being reviewed on the very same blogs is huge. So a big thank you to Bianca for her fab review. So glad she enjoyed it.

Do check out the review HERE.

And just a reminder you can now purchase The Modeliser on, and Smashwords in all formats. I'll update when sales on Barnes and Nobel go live.

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Premature Release...

As my mother tells it, in the last few weeks of her pregnancy with me, she had to put up with all manner of discomfort, swollen ankles and back pain during an unexpectedly warm London summer while I took my sweet time about emerging into the world. I was about two weeks overdue and it seems ever since that first late arrival, I've spent my life with an almost obsessive desire to be early for things. I am that friend who tells you to arrive 45 minutes before dinner reservations. I get to the airport for international flights 4 hours early just in case. I have my bedside alarm clock set 15 mins fast.

With this background in mind, it should come as no surprise that in the release of my debut novel, I've once again been trigger happy and hit publish a little bit early. Now the words premature release are not what you might want to hear in connection with a steamy, romance novel... but go with me on this. For you Kindle/ Amazon folk... now's your chance to get your hands on The Modeliser a whole three days early ahead of your Nook/ iBook/ Smashwords and Kobo brethren.

So here are the links to download The Modeliser...

I had a lot of fun writing this book and I so hope that you enjoy reading it, tweeting about it and telling all your friends about it. The book has already had some great reviews over on Goodreads and if you enjoy the book please do add your voice to the conversation and put your review on Goodreads, Amazon or wherever you purchase from.

There are a lot of great books and fantastic indie authors competing for your reading attention. So thanks for taking the time to check out this blog and also reading The Modeliser.

I'll also be updating new download sources for The Modeliser under the WHERE TO DOWNLOAD TAB

Have a great week and look forward to reading your reviews.


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Win $50 Amazon voucher & Advance review copies

Hey Guys,

Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday wherever you are.

There are less than 3 weeks till the release of The Modeliser and I cannot wait to finally share the book with you. Until then, I thought a juicy giveaway is what we need.

So, Giveaway time!

One lucky winner will receive:

  • A $50 gift-card (or the UK Pound Sterling Equivalent of £35 for
  • An Advance review copy of The Modeliser by Havana Adams
  • An Advance review copy of His Wicked Games by Ember Casey


How To Enter:
  • Comment below this blog post saying - Hello, Howdy, G'day, S'up, Hola or Bonjour and tell me who you are and where you're from. E.g Hey, I'm Havana from London (+2)
To get extra entries and additional chances to win, you can also do any of the following:
That's it! 

Get entering and Please make sure to record your entry in the widget below so that your entry is recorded. Also, do spread the word about the contest. The contest ends on May 26th at Midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Have a great weekend,


Friday, 10 May 2013

21 Days to go!!!

There are just 21 days to go before The Modeliser is released and I can finally share the book with the world! I'm ridiculously excited that the culmination of so much hard work and angst and frantic typing is just around the corner.... And yet there is still so much to do. Not least a very exciting giveaway coming very soon. So stay tuned!

But a writer's work is never done - there are still tweaks, edits, much to do and even as I prep The Modeliser to finally make her way into the world. (Weird I've just given my book a gender), I'm already hard at work on Book 2!

Today I was visiting Oxford, which plays a crucial part in my second novel to do some research and to re-acquaint myself with the city. Here's a picture of The Bridge of Sighs.

As I walked amongst the dreaming Spires that have been such an inspiration for Book 2, I thought about the gestation of The Modeliser and the various disparate ideas, thoughts and sparks that eventually came together to form the spine of the book.  And I leave you with an image of one place that I frequented a lot during the writing of The Modeliser and which turns up in the book. Hampstead Heath.

Hampstead Heath is an ancient and glorious London park in the North West of London. Records of the Heath date back to 986 and in the novel you'll see that Talia spends a lot of time on the Heath. When I was writing The Modeliser, I used to take "plot walks" on Hampstead Heath where I'd walk to clear my head and plot and plan and solve niggling story problems.

Over the next 21 days I'll try to share some of the other random ideas that went into the pot to create The Modeliser. I hope you enjoy them and take some inspiration from them.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Girl Meets Boy - A New Series

Too often lately, I've found myself sitting through a supposedly romantic movie and groaning through the cliches and thinking: Why? How? Who are these people that exist only in romantic movie land? Who are these women who trip over their toes every five minutes and can't seem to hold a thought for half a second. What is this weird misogyny masquerading as a plot point? What is this crappy, implausible meet-cute and why oh why don't these actors have any chemistry together? As I sat through another insulting romance on TV the other day, I decided I'd start blogging, not about the bad, infuriating, patronising ones but about all the romantic movies that I've loved and what I loved about them. And also about the upcoming romantic movies that I hope might be worth the trip to the cinema and the cost of the popcorn.

According to Hollywood it's Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Gets Girl Back. This paradigm has become the dominant form of so many Hollywood Romantic comedies for decades but in the last few years it's started to feel as though the paradigm has been tested to its limits, that the rom-com is broken. Growing up on films like Sleepless in Seattle, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Pretty Woman, Love and Basketball, Working Girl and When Harry Met Sally, I've always loved a good romantic film and for me romance encompasses a broader umbrella than just the increasingly creaky rom-com form. I love romantic dramas, romantic thrillers (Unfaithful, anyone?), bittersweet romances and all the category defying romantic stories in between. Though they have been few and far between lately there have also been a few recent romantic films that I've loved. Friends With Benefits (the one with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis - NOT the other one with the similar title) was a totally unexpected treat, Something New was a much needed fresh perspective and Ruby Sparks was a sharp, inspiring, Indie, feminist and tricky romantic, anti-romantic eye-opener (just watch it!). At the moment I'm anticipating Before Midnight so much that I probably need to give myself a stern talking to so my expectations don't ruin it for me.

As a writer of romantic fiction, it's safe to say that romantic films and of course books have had a pretty big hand in my development. From my slight over-investment in Jo and Professor Bhaer's relationship in Little Women to my obsessive suppert of Eric/Sookie in both the Sookie Stackhouse Books and True Blood Series, to the fact that I've watched Notting Hill a disturbing number of times, I have learned a lot from and been inspired by good romantic books and films. It's safe to say that these books and films have uplifted me, given me hope when I felt I'd have train-tracks on my teeth till I died and acne forever. They've probably also massively distorted my expectations of my romantic life... but that's another story. 

So the aim of my new series of posts GIRL MEETS BOY will be to blog about those romantic films and also TV romances or romantic arcs in TV shows that have moved, excited and challenged me.

I hope you'll join the conversation too, in the comments below and also on Twitter and on Facebook. What are your favaourite romantic movies and why? I'm eager to grow my must-watch list of good 'uns. 

And check back next week where I shall be blogging, without shame about my love of Hugh Grant in most things but specifically in Notting Hill. Drop me a comment if there are any other romantic films, which you think I should check out. 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday Teaser from His Wicked Games by Ember Casey

Happy Tuesday!

Last week I had a ball chatting with fellow author Ember Casey and over on her blog she featured a Q&A with me and hosted a brand new teaser from The Modeliser. I also ran a Q&A with Ember here where we talked writing, romance and procrastination woes and also her upcoming novel. So I'm excited to share a new teaser from Ember's novel His Wicked Games which drops on June 11th.

Do check out Ember's blog for more about the book and don't forget, she is running a giveaway right now! To be in with a chance of winning an Amazon gift card and advance review copies of both His Wicked Games and The Modeliser, be sure to enter the giveaway here.

Now for the Tuesday Teaser from His Wicked Games. Let's just say there's a pool involved.... and we might all need some cooling down after.... Enjoy!

In this teaser from His Wicked Games, Calder is giving Lily a tour of his house. Even though it's pouring outside, he decides to lead her out to the rooftop pool.

"What do you think?" Calder says. "Want to go for a swim?"
I must show my shock on my face because he lets out a laugh.
“Haven’t you ever been for a swim in the rain?” he asks. “You get damp either way.”
I’m not sure if he’s being serious or not.
“I don’t have a swimsuit,” I remind him.
The corner of his mouth curls up. “Not a problem.”
Before I can utter another word, he pulls his t-shirt over his head, exposing his perfectly-chiseled chest.
My mouth falls open, but I snap it quickly shut again.
“What are you doing?” I say.
He grins. “Swimming.”
His hands move to the button of his jeans.
“Are you stripping?” I’m unable to keep the shock out of my voice.
“I’m not going to swim in my jeans,” he says matter-of-factly. His fingers pause on the zipper. “You’re welcome to join me, of course.”
“I—” My entire face is on fire. “I’m not going to take off my clothes.”
He shrugs. “Suit yourself. You’re missing out, though.” He unzips his jeans and slides them down in one movement, revealing a pair of dark boxer-briefs.
Once more I’m bombarded with memories of last night, of his naked body reclining on the bed. Of the way I touched myself at the sight of him.
My body responds in turn now. I clench my hands and unclench them again, trying to gain control of myself.
Calder hooks his thumbs in the waistband, and my heartbeat quickens. Is he going to pull those off, too?
“For someone who’s shy about skinny-dipping, you certainly have no qualms about watching,” he says.
I almost fall over.
“I—I’m not watching,” I say, quickly turning away. “You’re the one who tore off your pants without warning.” I imagine I’m the color of a ripe tomato right about now.
He chuckles. “Come, Ms. Frazer. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”
My blood runs cold. Oh my God. He knows about last night.
“What—what’s that supposed to mean?” I demand, still refusing to turn and look at him. “What are you implying?”
“Forgive me,” he says, his voice thick with amusement. “I didn’t mean to give offense. I was only suggesting that by this point in your life you’ve probably seen a naked man or two—unless I’m mistaken?”
“I’m not a virgin,” I say, rolling my eyes. “But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with men just stripping off their clothes in front of me.” No, but I’m all right with spying on those same men while they pleasure themselves in their bedroom.
Forget the ripe tomato—I’m probably as red as a fire truck right now.
“Well,” says Calder behind me, “if you’re not comfortable with complete nudity, then maybe we can keep our undergarments on.”
“I’m not swimming.”
“Where’s your sense of adventure?” he says. “May I remind you that you broke onto my property? That I had to wrestle you down in the mud? Certainly you can’t be afraid of taking a little dip in the rain.”
“I’m not afraid,” I say, spinning on him angrily. He’s closer than I thought—just in front of me now. There’s still a bit of amusement around the corners of his mouth, but his dark eyes bore into me. Butterflies dance in my stomach.
“If you’re not afraid,” he says, his voice breathy and low, “then why are you resisting?”
He’s so close that I can feel the heat radiating off his skin, so close that I can smell the musky scent of his soap—or is that only him? All it would take is the smallest of movements and I could brush my fingers against his bare stomach, learn if his skin is as soft and smooth and hot as I imagined last night.
“I…” I don’t know what to say. I don’t have an excuse, not really, except for the general sense that this is a bad, bad idea.
Oh, I’m in trouble.
Calder must sense my indecision, because his eyes suddenly darken. Before I can react, he grabs me around the waist, just as he did on the lawn yesterday.
“What the—” I cry as he hoists me off my feet. “What are you doing?”
He doesn’t answer. Instead he turns and starts carrying me to the pool.
“Put me down!” I cry, pissed that I fell for his trick a second time. “I swear, if you throw me—”
Suddenly I’m flying through the air, Calder’s arms still around me. We crash into the pool, and water rushes all around us.

Yep, it is hot in here! Hope you enjoyed that. And do head on over to Goodreads and add His Wicked Games to your shelf.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Author Q & A - Ember Casey - HIS WICKED GAMES

Writing can be a pretty solitary business, which is why getting to know the online writing community is so great. I've been lucky to connect with fellow debut author Ember Casey who, like me, is releasing her steamy romance HIS WICKED GAMES in June.

Ember and I have been talking everything from worst fictional boyfriends to favourite hotties in Game of Thrones and I've been salivating over the teasers she's posted on her blog, so I'm excited to have her stop by on my blog and talk about her debut novel, her writing style and what makes a good love story.

Some men play to win...

Lily would do anything to save the Frazer Center for the Arts—even take on the infamous billionaire Calder Cunningham.

The Cunninghams have long held a reputation for being eccentric—and secretive. When Lily breaks onto their estate, she only wants to find and reason with Calder. The Cunningham family was the Frazer Center’s largest benefactor for years—until Calder took over the family funds and broke the pledge contract without warning. Now the Center is on the brink of closing, and she’s desperate to save the institution her father founded.

But Calder turns out to be more than she bargained for. He’s willing to consider her pleas—but for a price. Lily must indulge his whims, play along with his games—all while confined to his mysterious mansion—or she’ll never get the funds to save the Center. She must decide: play the mouse to his cat, or lose the organization she and her father spent their blood, sweat, and tears to build.

Hey Ember, Thanks for stopping by. So tell us about His Wicked Games. How did the idea first come to you? 

I started His Wicked Games when I was agonizing over rewrites of a YA novel. In the YA, I was struggling with the romantic relationship (or lack thereof) between the two main characters. I just couldn’t make it work. His Wicked Gamesbegan as a side project, an exercise in building sexual tension, but it just took off—before long, I’d pushed the YA novel aside to dive full force into the story of Lily and Calder. I love stories where the heroine starts off with a negative opinion of the hero (you can blame Pride and Prejudice for that), and I wanted to explore the passion of a love/hate relationship.

What drew you to writing sexy, romantic fiction? And what tips do you have on writing a hot sex scene. What makes a good romantic/ sexy novel?

Who doesn’t love a good love story? I think the key to a great romance novel is tension.  Sexual tension, of course, but also just the good old-fashioned conflict you get between two characters with fire and passion to spare.  I personally believe that the hottest sex scenes are a culmination (and explosion!) of the emotional, physical, and situational tension between two characters. They might signal an awakening, a shift of power, or something else, but they should change the dynamic of the relationship in some way or another, even if it’s only the subtlest of emotional shifts.

What books/ authors inspire you?  What/ Who are you reading at the moment? 

I read a bunch of genres—romance, of course, but I also love YA, historical fiction, and fantasy (I’m currently obsessed with the Song of Ice and Fire series). I’ve also been reading a lot of NA recently—I’m currently in the middle of Arranged by Sara Wolf, which I’m really loving—and I’m excited to see where this relatively new genre is heading.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing most of my life (cliché, I know…)  I still have copies of the stories they made us write in elementary school.  The oldest is from first grade—it’s called “The Candy Princess,” and it’s about a princess who lives in a world of candy. (Genius, right?) I started writing with the intent to publish a few years ago, but the first couple of novels I wrote were honestly pretty bad (and will never, ever see the light of day). I feel like some of us have to spit out a couple of crappy “starter” novels before we figure out who we are as a writer (or maybe that’s just me, haha).

Tell us about your writing process? 

If I’m being honest, it goes something like this: write a little, putz around on Twitter, write a little more, watch some videos on YouTube, write a little more, check email/Facebook/Reddit… You get where this is going.  As far as my long-term process is concerned, I’m a major re-writer. It usually takes me half a draft to figure out the core of the story I’m trying to write, and then I have to go back to the beginning and rework everything again. I usually put my work through several drafts before I let anyone else see it.

So what's next? Are you already working on Book 2? Will it be a sequel or a new story? 

Though His Wicked Games could stand alone, I wanted to continue Lily and Calder’s story. The next installment will be a novella, and it should be released at the end of June (so readers won’t have to wait long!). I’ll be releasing more details about it in the coming month. J

Where can readers connect with you?

They can check out my blog:
I’m also on Twitter

When is His Wicked Games released? 

It will be released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords on June 11, 2013. In the meantime you can find it on Goodreads - His Wicked Games

Thanks for stopping by Ember.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this Q & A with Ember. Don't forget to add His Wicked Games to your shelf on Goodreads.

Also right now, Ember is running a giveaway over on her Blog so for a chance to win an Amazon giftcard and also e-ARCs of both His Wicked Games and my debut The Modeliser, head on over to Ember's Blog and get entering.

Next week I'll be hosting a new teaser from His Wicked Games, so do check back.

Happy Weekend!


Friday, 26 April 2013

Bad Boys, Inspiration & a Giveaway.

Creating Alex Golden, the legendary bad boy of The Modeliser was a lot of fun and whilst I put a lot of thought and imagination into creating a gorgeous hero - a British actor who has managed to take Hollywood and the ladies by storm. It's safe to say that along the way I found time to peruse the internet for some inspiration. Or do I mean Sinspiration? 

Check out a few of the images that inspired me (there are a whole lot more!) And yes I love my job and I'm totally Team Eric, most of the time...

Leading Man


Off Duty and reading some scripts

There's just something about Bad Boys in film, TV, fiction, music and even in real life that holds women in their thrall, even when we should know better! In fiction, we've seen a massive rise of bad boys with a side of angst, vulnerability and a few spare Billions. And, From James Dean and Marlon Brando, Hollywood bad boys of yesteryear to today's crop of dangerous-to-know leading men the trend is still alive and well. On TV we have Don Draper in Mad Men, The King Slayer in Game of Thrones and who isn't partial to a bit of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl? 

In The Modeliser, I drew inspiration from Hollywood bad boys both historical and contemporary in creating Alex Golden's character, so for my first giveaway I'm asking who is your favourite Hollywood Bad Boy? 

I'll be giving away 2 Advance Review Copies (PDF) of The Modeliser on May 4th and I'll pick the winners at random.

To enter this giveaway simply head on over to my Facebook Page, Like my page AND write on my wall to tell me who your favourite Hollywood Bad Boy is. 

Or you can comment below this post or you can Tweet me your answer and Hash Tag your answer #TheModeliserGiveaway. 

I'll pick two winners at random on May 4th so get entering!  

Look forward to your entries!


Also don't forget when I hit 100 likes on my Facebook Page, I'll be giving away another advance review copy of The Modeliser