Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday Teaser from His Wicked Games by Ember Casey

Happy Tuesday!

Last week I had a ball chatting with fellow author Ember Casey and over on her blog she featured a Q&A with me and hosted a brand new teaser from The Modeliser. I also ran a Q&A with Ember here where we talked writing, romance and procrastination woes and also her upcoming novel. So I'm excited to share a new teaser from Ember's novel His Wicked Games which drops on June 11th.

Do check out Ember's blog for more about the book and don't forget, she is running a giveaway right now! To be in with a chance of winning an Amazon gift card and advance review copies of both His Wicked Games and The Modeliser, be sure to enter the giveaway here.

Now for the Tuesday Teaser from His Wicked Games. Let's just say there's a pool involved.... and we might all need some cooling down after.... Enjoy!

In this teaser from His Wicked Games, Calder is giving Lily a tour of his house. Even though it's pouring outside, he decides to lead her out to the rooftop pool.

"What do you think?" Calder says. "Want to go for a swim?"
I must show my shock on my face because he lets out a laugh.
“Haven’t you ever been for a swim in the rain?” he asks. “You get damp either way.”
I’m not sure if he’s being serious or not.
“I don’t have a swimsuit,” I remind him.
The corner of his mouth curls up. “Not a problem.”
Before I can utter another word, he pulls his t-shirt over his head, exposing his perfectly-chiseled chest.
My mouth falls open, but I snap it quickly shut again.
“What are you doing?” I say.
He grins. “Swimming.”
His hands move to the button of his jeans.
“Are you stripping?” I’m unable to keep the shock out of my voice.
“I’m not going to swim in my jeans,” he says matter-of-factly. His fingers pause on the zipper. “You’re welcome to join me, of course.”
“I—” My entire face is on fire. “I’m not going to take off my clothes.”
He shrugs. “Suit yourself. You’re missing out, though.” He unzips his jeans and slides them down in one movement, revealing a pair of dark boxer-briefs.
Once more I’m bombarded with memories of last night, of his naked body reclining on the bed. Of the way I touched myself at the sight of him.
My body responds in turn now. I clench my hands and unclench them again, trying to gain control of myself.
Calder hooks his thumbs in the waistband, and my heartbeat quickens. Is he going to pull those off, too?
“For someone who’s shy about skinny-dipping, you certainly have no qualms about watching,” he says.
I almost fall over.
“I—I’m not watching,” I say, quickly turning away. “You’re the one who tore off your pants without warning.” I imagine I’m the color of a ripe tomato right about now.
He chuckles. “Come, Ms. Frazer. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”
My blood runs cold. Oh my God. He knows about last night.
“What—what’s that supposed to mean?” I demand, still refusing to turn and look at him. “What are you implying?”
“Forgive me,” he says, his voice thick with amusement. “I didn’t mean to give offense. I was only suggesting that by this point in your life you’ve probably seen a naked man or two—unless I’m mistaken?”
“I’m not a virgin,” I say, rolling my eyes. “But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with men just stripping off their clothes in front of me.” No, but I’m all right with spying on those same men while they pleasure themselves in their bedroom.
Forget the ripe tomato—I’m probably as red as a fire truck right now.
“Well,” says Calder behind me, “if you’re not comfortable with complete nudity, then maybe we can keep our undergarments on.”
“I’m not swimming.”
“Where’s your sense of adventure?” he says. “May I remind you that you broke onto my property? That I had to wrestle you down in the mud? Certainly you can’t be afraid of taking a little dip in the rain.”
“I’m not afraid,” I say, spinning on him angrily. He’s closer than I thought—just in front of me now. There’s still a bit of amusement around the corners of his mouth, but his dark eyes bore into me. Butterflies dance in my stomach.
“If you’re not afraid,” he says, his voice breathy and low, “then why are you resisting?”
He’s so close that I can feel the heat radiating off his skin, so close that I can smell the musky scent of his soap—or is that only him? All it would take is the smallest of movements and I could brush my fingers against his bare stomach, learn if his skin is as soft and smooth and hot as I imagined last night.
“I…” I don’t know what to say. I don’t have an excuse, not really, except for the general sense that this is a bad, bad idea.
Oh, I’m in trouble.
Calder must sense my indecision, because his eyes suddenly darken. Before I can react, he grabs me around the waist, just as he did on the lawn yesterday.
“What the—” I cry as he hoists me off my feet. “What are you doing?”
He doesn’t answer. Instead he turns and starts carrying me to the pool.
“Put me down!” I cry, pissed that I fell for his trick a second time. “I swear, if you throw me—”
Suddenly I’m flying through the air, Calder’s arms still around me. We crash into the pool, and water rushes all around us.

Yep, it is hot in here! Hope you enjoyed that. And do head on over to Goodreads and add His Wicked Games to your shelf.