Friday, 10 May 2013

21 Days to go!!!

There are just 21 days to go before The Modeliser is released and I can finally share the book with the world! I'm ridiculously excited that the culmination of so much hard work and angst and frantic typing is just around the corner.... And yet there is still so much to do. Not least a very exciting giveaway coming very soon. So stay tuned!

But a writer's work is never done - there are still tweaks, edits, much to do and even as I prep The Modeliser to finally make her way into the world. (Weird I've just given my book a gender), I'm already hard at work on Book 2!

Today I was visiting Oxford, which plays a crucial part in my second novel to do some research and to re-acquaint myself with the city. Here's a picture of The Bridge of Sighs.

As I walked amongst the dreaming Spires that have been such an inspiration for Book 2, I thought about the gestation of The Modeliser and the various disparate ideas, thoughts and sparks that eventually came together to form the spine of the book.  And I leave you with an image of one place that I frequented a lot during the writing of The Modeliser and which turns up in the book. Hampstead Heath.

Hampstead Heath is an ancient and glorious London park in the North West of London. Records of the Heath date back to 986 and in the novel you'll see that Talia spends a lot of time on the Heath. When I was writing The Modeliser, I used to take "plot walks" on Hampstead Heath where I'd walk to clear my head and plot and plan and solve niggling story problems.

Over the next 21 days I'll try to share some of the other random ideas that went into the pot to create The Modeliser. I hope you enjoy them and take some inspiration from them.


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