Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Premature Release...

As my mother tells it, in the last few weeks of her pregnancy with me, she had to put up with all manner of discomfort, swollen ankles and back pain during an unexpectedly warm London summer while I took my sweet time about emerging into the world. I was about two weeks overdue and it seems ever since that first late arrival, I've spent my life with an almost obsessive desire to be early for things. I am that friend who tells you to arrive 45 minutes before dinner reservations. I get to the airport for international flights 4 hours early just in case. I have my bedside alarm clock set 15 mins fast.

With this background in mind, it should come as no surprise that in the release of my debut novel, I've once again been trigger happy and hit publish a little bit early. Now the words premature release are not what you might want to hear in connection with a steamy, romance novel... but go with me on this. For you Kindle/ Amazon folk... now's your chance to get your hands on The Modeliser a whole three days early ahead of your Nook/ iBook/ Smashwords and Kobo brethren.

So here are the links to download The Modeliser...



I had a lot of fun writing this book and I so hope that you enjoy reading it, tweeting about it and telling all your friends about it. The book has already had some great reviews over on Goodreads and if you enjoy the book please do add your voice to the conversation and put your review on Goodreads, Amazon or wherever you purchase from.

There are a lot of great books and fantastic indie authors competing for your reading attention. So thanks for taking the time to check out this blog and also reading The Modeliser.

I'll also be updating new download sources for The Modeliser under the WHERE TO DOWNLOAD TAB

Have a great week and look forward to reading your reviews.



  1. Yes I was surprised to see it earlier then it said on Goodreads. But all good things :) My review of it will go live tomorrow. I already left a goodreads and amazon review. Thanks for a very entertaining read

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the review Deb. So glad you enjoyed it.