Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Behind The Scenes

I've been knocked out with hayfever over the last few days, which is why it's taken me so long to post about the exciting trailer shoot that I had for The Modeliser last week.

After a few weeks of planning alongside amazing trailer director Allana E. Blake, we finally had a DP (Director of Photography) on board in the form of super talented Ness Whyte, a 6-packed model, an awesome actress, a studio and a schedule. But as anyone who has ever worked in production before will tell you, you should always prepare for the unexpected and there's always so much to think about - weather issues, sound recording, lighting.... we had a multitude of things to keep on top of and yet miraculously all the planning came together.

On a drizzly London morning we finally got into the studio and I saw the team work their magic and call Action! Having worked so long on writing The Modeliser, it's been amazing flexing different brain muscles and coming up with a simple concept for the trailer alongside the director and DP was a lot of fun as was my day on set. I have to thank all the amazing folks who gave their time so generously for my mega almost no-budget shoot.

I can't wait to premiere the trailer to you guys next week but till then, here are some sneak peek photos from behind the scenes at the shoot.

Readying the Set.



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